What You Need to Know About Using Your Air Conditioner in Spring

blossoming treeIt’s spring. Is it going to be hot? Is it going to be cold? Only the weatherman knows for sure, and he’s usually wrong. What does spring mean for your home, your comfort, and your air conditioner? Here’s what you need to know about using your air conditioner this season.

Now is the Time to Uncover Issues with Your Air Conditioning Unit

There’s nothing quite like turning your air conditioner on for the first hot day of the year…and having it blow lukewarm air or, perhaps even worse, not blowing any air at all. The difference between a routine repair call and a costly emergency repair bill is timing. If you wait until summer when you need your air conditioner the most, you’ll be in line with everyone else who chose to wait.

Clean Your Air Conditioner in Spring

It’s important to make sure your air conditioning systems are clean to keep them functional. Some general spring cleaning tips for your HVAC system are:

  • Make sure your registers are clear of dust, cobwebs, and pet hair
  • Make sure the areas around your unit are clean and free from winter debris
  • Take air conditioner covers off the unit before turning it on
  • Replace your filters 
  • Clean the condensate drain and coils
  • Rinse off the outdoor unit

Cleaning your air conditioner in spring ensures that if the unit isn’t working properly, routine cleaning chores aren’t a part of the problem. A little routine maintenance will go a long way towards cutting down on repair bills.

Temperature Settings for Your Air Conditioner in Spring

Using your air conditioner in the spring can be tricky. The experts generally recommend your AC is set at 75° to keep you comfortable without overworking your unit.
It’s tempting to adjust the thermostat constantly throughout the day but this can cost you money in energy bills. Try a programmable thermostat and program it to a higher temperature when you’re away from home. To maximize your comfort, set it to automatically lower when you’re on your way home.
Don’t forget your ceiling fan settings. The blades should run clockwise in the winter and counterclockwise in the spring. If you’ve never adjusted your ceiling fans, check for a small switch on the side of the base of the fan to change the direction of the blades. Running them clockwise draws cool air up in the fall and winter while running them counterclockwise forces cold air down in the spring and summer.

Quick Fixes For Issues with Your Air Conditioner in Spring

It happens. You’ve adjusted the thermostat, anticipating that first cold blast…and you’re greeted with a stale blast of hot air.
Before you panic, troubleshoot the issue: 

  • Is the unit running?
  • Is air circulating?
  • Do you hear the fans running?
  • Is your thermostat set correctly?
  • Is everything plugged in properly?
  • Did you check the fuses or circuit breakers?
  • Have you cleaned the unit, registers, and exchange unit properly?
  • Is there condensation on the coils?

A little routine maintenance will go a long way towards cutting down on repair bills.

Let a Trusted Professional Inspect Your Unit

The best way to fix air conditioner issues is to make sure they never happen in the first place. Murphy’s law says that anything that can go wrong, will…and your HVAC system is no exception. 

Your best bet before using your air conditioner this spring is to call a professional in to service the system. A professionally serviced air conditioner will save you money in energy bills, keep the unit running safely, minimize costly repairs, and extend the life of your equipment.