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For people concerned about the environment and the rising costs of heating and cooling their homes, geothermal solutions are a great option. This technology isn’t just for HVAC, though; the great benefits of geothermal solutions can also help heat your water. Geothermal water heaters are energy-efficient and highly effective. Let’s learn more about geothermal solutions […]

Most people don’t want to spend money until they absolutely have to – especially when it comes to maintenance expenses. Whether you are a private homeowner or the manager of a commercial space, you likely do everything you can do to keep maintenance costs away from your budget. However, maintenance is a fact of life […]

Here in Maryland and Pennsylvania, we’re in the heart of winter with a month or two to go. Last month, we had our first cold blast of air and more is in the forecast. When it comes to extreme temperatures, it’s always a good idea to know how to take care our your home’s HVAC […]

With winter approaching, cold weather will soon be descending upon houses all around Maryland and Pennsylvania. It is quite common for homeowners to adjust thermostats and turn up the heat to maintain comfortability, but there are also other, more energy efficient ways to stay warm. This infographic contains a variety of information about home heat loss […]

From now until November 15th, voting for the 2016 Best of Frederick is going on and you can help us keep our title in the Heating / Air Conditioning services category for the best HVAC company in the area! Just go to the Best of Frederick, MD voting page and type in “Holtzople” for the Heating […]

For optimum HVAC performance, especially in temperature-changing states like Maryland and Pennsylvania here in the mid-Atlantic, it is wise to manage your thermostat. Did you know that the cost to heat and cool your home makes up about 54% of your utility bill? With the tips in the infographic below, you can keep your home […]

This informational video talks about Aeroseal, a patented air duct sealing technology that takes care of leaks in your ductwork. This “inside out” ductwork technology was developed by scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Research for the project was funded by the US Department of Energy, EPA, California Institute of Energy and Environment, and […]

Will your air-conditioning system be up to the challenge this summer? Why wait to find out? Holtzople recommends that homeowners test their AC systems before the hot weather months take hold. This way, if any issues do pop up, the unit can be repaired in time for when it is needed most. For a successful […]

Have you ever wanted to know how your home air conditioning system works? We are all familiar with the unit that sits outside of the home, but what about the pipes, air handler, blower motor and more? Here’s a handy infographic that helps explain how it all comes together! (originally posted from acpro at Visual. […]

We are pleased to have had another successful year at Central Maryland’s biggest home shows! This past weekend, we had booths at both the Frederick County home show in Frederick, MD as well as the Carroll County home show in Westminster, MD! In this photo, you can see Tony standing at our booth at the […]