Planned Maintenance & Emergency Service

24-Hour Emergency HVAC Service For Local Businesses

Let’s be honest – having your heating or cooling system go down is never a good thing. No matter when it happens, it is sure to disrupt the regular flow of your business. When your system does go down, you need to have a reliable contractor who can get it up and running as soon as possible – which is exactly what Holtzople can do. Contact us as soon as there is a problem with your HVAC system and our talented team will be there as soon as possible.

Of course, there is something that we can offer that is even better than emergency service – regularly scheduled maintenance. If you get on a schedule of planned maintenance for the HVAC system in your Frederick, MD area business, you may be able to avoid a breakdown altogether. Just like a car or any other machine, regular maintenance is what can keep your heating and cooling system running beautifully for years to come. The small financial investment required to care for your system will be more than worth it when you consider the large repair or replacement bills that your business can avoid.

In addition to avoiding a breakdown, regular maintenance can also keep your HVAC system running efficiently, which saves you money. Thanks to the nearly 30 years of experience that we have in this business, we are often able to spot signs of trouble before they turn into actual emergencies. By teaming with Holtzople, you may be able to steer clear of any major maintenance issues as you continue to get great performance from your system long into the future.
Business is all about making good decisions, and working with us on a regular maintenance plan for your HVAC system is simply a smart choice. Rather than waiting until a major system failure occurs and having to deal with the large expense that would follow, set up a maintenance plan right away to protect your investment.

We are proud to offer emergency commercial HVAC service throughout the Frederick, MD area, but we are even more proud of our ability to help businesses avoid those emergencies in the first place. Contact our friendly team today to get started with your first appointment!

So, why does your equipment need maintenance?

Protect Your Employees’s Health – Early detection of Indoor Air-quality (IAQ) Issues Operate Equipment Safely – Inspecting the safety components in a system can prevent accidents. Lower Your Energy Costs – Keep your equipment running as efficiently as possible, reducing energy bills. Correct Problems Early – We can pinpoint and correct developing problems before equipment fails. Lower Life-cycle Costs – Over the life of your equipment, experience lower total operating and maintenance costs with fewer interruptions. Extend the Life of Your Equipment – Equipment lasts longer with preventive maintenance. Maximized Workplace Comfort – Our Comfort Assurance Policy is a process that assures your HVAC questions and solutions are reviewed.

Program Benefits Good Better Best
1 Warranty period for repairs performed (parts & labor) 1 year 2 years 3 years
2 Lifetime workmanship guarantee on repairs
3 Pre-season scheduling with automated email reminders
4 Priority status over non PMA customers 24 hours same day
5 No overtime fees
6 10% discount on any equipment repairs and diagnostics
7 20% discount on any equipment repairs and diagnostics
8 20% discount on any equipment repairs and diagnostics
9 20% discount on major repairs (heat exchangers, compressors, coils, refrigeration circuit, control boards, communicating thermostats, or variable speed motors & modules)
10 Free repairs (capacitors, relays, contractors, wire connections, start kits, time delays, shut off switches, single phase service disconnects, electronic leak checks, coil cleanings, blower cleanings, PSC motors, blower wheels, fan blades, standard digital thermostats, sequencers, heat banks, crankcase heaters, limits & flue pipe)
11 Convenient monthly payment option
12 Repair credits for each year in program (use it or loose it) $200 ($100 ea. addl. unit)
Air Conditioning
1 Run and test A/C (Cooling)
2 Test safety shut-off equipment
3 Inspect high- and low-voltage wiring
4 Clean out drain line when EZ Trap in place and check drain termination point
5 Inspect evaporator coil for cleanliness, corrosion, oil residue & correct drainage
6 Compare capacitor values to manufacturer specifications
7 Inspect contactors for pitting and carbon build-up
8 Check fan amperage draw
9 Check compressor amperage draw
10 Inspect power switch for cracks
11 Check refrigerant charge
12 Inspect outdoor unit for level and any air flow obstructions
13 Replace thermostat batteries
14 Check and replace air filters as necessary (customer-provided)
15 Check and replace standard air filters as necessary (company provided)
16 Inspect air handler and plenum for air leaks; seal as necessary
17 Inspect fan motor and blower wheel (blade)
18 Internal coil wash, drainage, vacuum and chemical clean as necessary $184 – 436 $166 – 392
19 Inspect for copper tube rubbing
20 Check compressor terminals
21 Inspect for refrigeration line condensation leaks
22 Inspect and reapply refrigerant line insulation
1 Run and test heat (Heating)
2 Inspection of heat exchanger for cracks, corrosion, holes
3 Inspect gas line components within 5’ of furnace for leaks
4 Analyze capacitor values
5 Inspect contactors for pitting and carbon build-up
6 Test safety shut-off equipment
7 Measure fan amperage draw (HP only spring and fall)
8 Check flue for satisfactory venting
9 Clear out draft switch hose ports
10 Check refrigerant charge (heat pump only)
11 Clean flame sensor rods $41
12 Inspect blower wheel for accumulated dirt, debris, and concentricity
13 Inspect blower motor bearing wheels for leakage
14 Inspect and clean gas channel in burners as needed $138
15 Inspect and vacuum A/H and plenum for mold and loose insulation
16 Replace missing screws