Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is the Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide poisoning is the most common cause of accidental poisoning-related deaths in North America and is often called “the silent killer.”

The CO EXPERTS model 2016 is considered by many one of the industries best “Low-Level” Carbon Monoxide Health monitors available to the consumer today. Its unique style allows for either wall mounting or portable use with the included free-standing attachment, and with a simple slide and click of its rear mounting plate the “sealed” lithium battery is engaged, ending your worries about replacing any batteries over the course of the units life.

Available in 2 “Lower Audible Alarm Points” of 10 PPM or 25 PPM, depending on your specific needs, and easy to use push button features to scroll through display functions like current and “real-time” CO levels, Peak Recall, and COHb levels.

This model features manual and “automatic silence” sensor fault, and low battery warning in the unlikely event your units power source is running low before its time.

When it comes to protecting yourself, your family and your loved ones – don’t just meet the standards – exceed the standards with real Low-Level CO protection in the CO EXPERTS model 2016.

  • Sealed in Long Life Lithium Battery
  • Automatic Sensor Test
  • 24 Hour Peak Recall
  • Alarm and Low Battery Silence
  • LED indicators for Power, Alarm and Fault Condition
  • Versatile Mounting System – Wall Mount, Tabletop, Detachable Velcro
co-experts alarm remote