Heating & Cooling Tips

Being energy efficient has both economic and environmental benefits. The cost savings you can experience through properly installed, energy-efficient home comfort units by Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning are guaranteed to lower your energy bills. Take a look at some of our tips for better maximizing your home comfort:

For maximum energy efficiency, air should circulate through and around registers, radiators, baseboards, and/or cold air returns. So, don’t block these areas in your home, thinking that you’re doing yourself a favor.
Drapes and blinds can add additional insulation, so keep your drapes closed at night, when the temperature cools off and again on sunny days. But, be sure to open up your window coverings to let in the sun’s free heat, especially on the south side of your home.
Keeping the temperature in your home a few degrees cooler can lower your heating bill, so pay attention to your thermostat! Holtzople offers a range of cost-effective programmable thermostat options. Setting your thermostat to 68°F can save significantly on your energy bills, and you’ll find that programmable thermostats can really help by setting the temperature automatically at night and while you’re away from home during the day.
If you are considering installing a new home comfort system, or maybe upgrading the one you already have, consider a heat pump that increases energy efficiency. Look for the Energy Guide label that contains the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This rating measures efficiency during the cooler season, and ideally, you want to look for 15 SEER, 12.5 EER, and 8.5 HSPF or higher. Your Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning service technician can fully explain the Energy Guide label on your home comfort unit(s) and show you what to look for, when considering various installation options.
Your thermostat can sense heat from nearby appliances, so don’t place lamps or televisions near your thermostat. Doing so may cause it to run longer than necessary, thereby increasing your energy costs. Holtzople offers a range of cost-effective programmable thermostats, allowing you to control the temperature in your home, even when you’re away.
Make sure your home is properly insulated around walls, attics and crawl spaces. Insulation is equally important all year-round, so be sure to seal and insulate ducts that run through unconditioned spaces.
Set it to cool your home no more than 30 minutes before you get there, and if you are home during the day, try to reduce the use of heat-producing appliances such as your oven, range, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.
Radiant flooring is a home improvement option that can cut your energy costs by as much as 30%! Radiant floor heating turns your flooring into a subtle radiator. Tubing is evenly installed throughout the floor, and warm water is circulated through the tubing, thereby heating the floor.
Be sure to keep your air filters clean. Filters should be cleaned and/or replaced once a month during warmer seasons. And, if you can do so safely, clean the exposed grill and spines on your outside air conditioning unit. If you have window-installed air conditioners, don’t block their air flow, and make sure nothing is directly in the path of the air flowing in or out of the unit.
Run exhaust fans when you shower or cook to vent warm air from the home, to ease the load on your home comfort system.