Ten Questions & Answers About Aeroseal Duct Sealing Technology

sealed home air duct
If you have heard about Aeroseal duct sealing technology, and the impressive impact it can have on the efficiency of a building, you may have a few questions. Fortunately, we are here to answer those questions. Please view the list of ten questions and answers below to inform yourself about this amazing product.

#1 – How long will it last?

One of the most common questions regarding this product has to do with its durability. How much use can you expect to get out of Aeroseal before it loses its effectiveness? Well, right off the bat, you will learn that Aeroseal has a 10-year warranty. Of course, that only means it is covered for that length of time – it is expected to perform well for much longer. Most likely, you can expect to get many decades of worry-free performance from Aeroseal.

#2 – Is Aeroseal safe?

It should go without saying that you only want to use safe products in your home. Once you learn more about Aeroseal, you will find that it is completely safe and nontoxic. It is even used in leading medical facilities – a sure sign that it is trusted to be safe.

#3 – How much money can I save?

People love to save money, so this is another common question. Unfortunately, it is hard to arrive at a solid answer on this one, because there are so many variables involved. Some of those variables include the size of your home, the age of your home, the cost of utilities in your area, the weather, and more. A general range of savings runs from a few hundred up to a thousand per year, but those are only guidelines.

#4 – How long does it take to recover my investment in Aeroseal?

As you would imagine, the answer to this question depends on the answer to the first. If you find that you are saving a significant amount of money each month after adding Aeroseal, you will recover your investment quite quickly. Even if your energy savings aren’t as significant, you should still expect to recover your investment well before the warranty on the product has expired.

#5 – Does it smell?

There are few things more frustrating than an off-putting smell wafting around your house. You don’t need to worry here, however, as the only smell associated with Aeroseal comes right after application, but it will be gone within the day.

#6 – Are you going to cover the ducts with Aeroseal?

No – this product is designed to fill leaks rather than just cover up the ducts.

#7 – What size leaks can Aeroseal fill?

Any leaks around your duct work up to 5/8’’ can be filled with Aeroseal. As an estimate, roughly more than 95% of the leaks in a ductwork system can be filled with the product.

#8 – How many customers have used this product?

The number is growing rapidly, with somewhere around 200 new customers being served each week. In all, Aeroseal has been added to over 200,000 homes.

#9 – Couldn’t I fill the leaks by hand?

You can technically fill leaks by hand – that is, if you can reach them. Once your home is finished, it may be physically impossible to get into the spaces you need to reach in order to fill duct leaks. Even if you can get to the leaks, Aeroseal has been tested and proven to be a more effective solution.

#10 – What kind of ductwork can Aeroseal be used with?

Regardless of the type of ducts you have in your home, you can expect Aeroseal to be an effective solution to costly leaks.