Holtzople Heating and Air Conditioning Proudly Sponsors FCPS’s “Elevate Academy”

The pandemic has created a challenging environment for all students, but for those entering kindergarten in the fall, it’s been exceptionally problematic. Due to the pandemic, it’s estimated that the majority of pre-k students will have had less than 25 days of in-person learning. These students will be facing their first year without the real-life experience they need to succeed in school.

Frederick County Public School recently announced a new initiative designed to help these kids make an easier transition to kindergarten. Called the Rising Kindergarten Elevate Academy, the program will focus on language and literacy skills, mathematics, STEM-related activities, and physical development with an eye towards creating solid social foundations and well-being. Elevate is not a continuation of the school year, but a stand-alone experience designed to re-engage and reacclimate students.The Elevate Academy is set to run this summer for 20 days at select elementary schools starting on June 28.

The Elevate Academy will provide students with meals and transportation, the costs of which have been covered under various grants through the USDA and the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund. Although much of the funding for the program was covered by generous grants, the creators still needed to find funding for hiring teachers and various other resources, one of which was reusable water bottles for students to bring to class with them as part of the program’s stringent safety protocols.

When Jerred, President of Holtzople Heating and Air Conditioning, heard of an opportunity to help the Elevate Academy, he was excited to do his part. “This year has hit everyone hard, but no one quite as much as our children. We are happy to be able to sponsor the Elevate Academy, helping our kids and our community in any way we can.”

Jessica Zentz-Ridenour, Grants Coordinator for Frederick County Public Schools, estimates that  Holtzople’s sponsorship will allow the Elevate Academy to purchase more than 4200 reusable push top water bottles for students enrolling in the program. 

Families who currently have pre-k students in the FCPS system will receive notification if their school is participating in the program, and will have the choice of enrolling their kids in the Elevate Academy. Not all schools will be chosen to participate, and those that are chosen will initially give preference to their school’s currently enrolled students before the enrollment will open for all students across Frederick County.

Holtzople is excited for the opportunity that the program will give pre-K students to experience in-person learning, self-discipline, and important social skills. “These kids need the chance to understand the in-person school setting, not just by learning academics but also by forming the valuable life skills they will carry with them throughout their educational experiences.”