Choosing the Best HVAC Services: What You Should Ask?

woman checking off items on checklist

Choosing an HVAC company can be challenging. Your neighbor loves their provider. Online reviews have a thing or two to say. Yet, it all boils down to knowing what HVAC questions to ask. That’s why Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning created this checklist to run through when you talk with the Frederick, MD, HVAC companies you may be considering. 

  • Do you offer free consultations? Not every company does, so it’s crucial to find out if you’ll be charged a service call fee before scheduling an appointment.
  • Are you bonded and insured? Companies with these critical items are the only ones you want making house calls.
  • What is your team’s level of experience? You want to work with a company that values and invests in its employees and ensures they are highly trained, regardless of your HVAC needs. 
  • Can high-efficiency systems really save me money?  Yes! Newer models are designed to be energy efficient, which is good for the environment and your wallet in the long run. 
  • Do you provide financing?  No one should sacrifice their comfort. That’s why you want to select a heating and cooling company like Holtzople, which can help qualified buyers with their financing needs
  • Is there a club or preferred customer list I could join? This is a must when selecting your HVAC service provider! Comfort Clubs not only give you peace of mind but also offer discounts, seasonal inspections, and 24-hour emergency service options. 
  • How long does it take to install a new system? Systems are typically installed in one day, yet you should ask depending on the type of system being installed. 
  • Are rebates available on new systems? And all that paperwork; do I have to fill it all out? Manufacturers offer rebates on many of their products, depending on the model you select. No one wants to hunt down serial numbers and fill out forms. You want to work with a company like Holtzople that will take care of that for you.
  • What about warranties? All warranty information should be shared before you install a new system. Remember, preventative maintenance will help your system last longer and stay in top form. 
  • If I have an HVAC issue, will someone be available to help 24/7? You don’t want the help of just anyone. You want assistance from a knowledgeable team member who can get help on the way to diagnose the issue, no matter the time of day. 
  • How frequently should I have my system serviced? Regular service and maintenance help keep your HVAC unit operating at full performance. Servicing systems once per year is always recommended. Checking your system before summer and winter––when we switch from heat to cool––is optimal.

Remember, when you’re looking for an HVAC service provider you can depend on, quality is not expensive; it’s PRICELESS! For over 20 years, we’ve served the local communities of Frederick, Hagerstown & central Maryland, Gettysburg, PA, and southern Pennsylvania. We’d love to answer any questions you have and add you to our list of residential or commercial clients. Contact us today!