Should You Choose an Oil or Gas Furnace?

As winter settles in, it will be time to turn your furnace back on once again. Of course, if you don’t currently have one in place, or if it is time to replace your old unit, you will have to head out shopping before the cold weather arrives. When you do get ready to buy …


Should I Repair or Replace My Oil / Gas Furnace?

Many older homes in and around Maryland and Pennsylvania contain furnace systems. Over time, these older units will need to be repaired or replaced, but how will you know which route to take? Here are some issues to keep in mind when deciding to whether to repair your oil or gas furnace or upgrade to …


The Advantages of Duct Sealing for Your Home

As a homeowner, you naturally want to keep all of your systems working as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is not only to save money on your energy bills – which is a nice bonus – but also to make your home as comfortable as possible for you and your family. While you have …


Air Conditioning Energy Tips for the Summer

Air conditioning is a necessity through the summer months in many parts of the country. Regions that frequently top 80, 90, or even 100 degrees are best handled through the use of a residential air conditioning unit, as living in such weather without the help of A/C would be uncomfortable at best – and potentially …


How to Choose the Best HVAC Contractor

Hiring a contractor is always a stressful process. There are many contractors to choose from within each field, so it can be difficult to separate the good ones from the rest. Before you sign a contract to work with any particular company on a project in your home, you should make sure that you have …


Holtzople Wins Angie’s List 2015 Super Service Award!

Following up on our win in 2014, we are once again proud to announce that we have done it again! We are please to announce that we have won the 2015 Angie’s List Super Service Award! This award honors excellence among Angie’s List service providers who maintain a superior service record. We are once again …


10 False Claims About Geothermal Energy

There is a lot to like about geothermal heating and cooling systems. Since ground temperatures remain relatively constant throughout the year (regardless of the surface air temperature), geothermal systems can go into the ground to retrieve energy before bringing it back up into a building. There might not be a system of heating and cooling …


WaterFurnace Geothermal Installation in Hagerstown, MD

Recently, Holtzople completed a high efficiency WaterFurnace geothermal installation in Hagerstown, Maryland. First below is a photo of the custom air duct work, followed by a picture of the zone dampers. The EWC zone dampers on every line will help achieve a perfect comfort everywhere in the house!     No matter if you live …

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