Top 5 HVAC Trends in 2023

woman turning on hvac system

With new HVAC technology available, today’s systems are using more energy-efficient heat pumps, saving you money on your bills each month. These changes in the HVAC industry are affordable to implement and make your life easier with products like smart technology. You’ll be able to regulate temperatures in your home with a simple push of a button or tap on your phone. You don’t even have to be home to make sure your house will be warm and toasty when you return! 

Some of The Hottest Trends For HVAC Systems Include:

  • Air Filters: Naturally, there’s an increased interest in air filters that provide greater protection from bacteria commonly found in viruses. The pandemic put a major focus on indoor air quality.
  • New technologies and tax credits: Receiving tax credits for energy efficient products is a smart and easy way to bring money back into your pockets. There are a variety of programs that will provide a significant amount of money back, just for saving the environment! Because of this, companies are starting to include their own incentives on these products. With an increased awareness on ways we can keep our planet clean, people are buying more and more products with energy efficiency in mind. 
  • Growth Within The HVAC Industry: The HVAC industry is in a great spot right now. It’s a growing field for people with and without industry-related experience. Experts predict that this growth will continue, which is great news for small businesses and local economies.
  • Customer Service: Today’s customers have plenty of HVAC contractors to choose from. If they aren’t treated well, they can take their business elsewhere. Providing great customer service is something that all companies need to put a heavy emphasis on as we move further into the digital era.
  • Digital Zoning: Regulating and redirecting the airflow, digital zoning allows your HVAC system to automatically adjust and direct the heated or cooled air away from any of your rooms that aren’t currently being occupied. This will help save both energy and money.

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