Air Conditioning Energy Tips for the Summer

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Air conditioning is a necessity through the summer months in many parts of the country. Regions that frequently top 80, 90, or even 100 degrees are best handled through the use of a residential air conditioning unit, as living in such weather without the help of A/C would be uncomfortable at best – and potentially dangerous at worst! Fortunately, air conditioning is relatively affordable and is available nearly everywhere.

With that said, you don’t want to have to spend more on your air conditioning than is necessary through the summer months. An inefficient AC unit, or inefficient use of the unit, can easily lead to high energy bills. To keep your bills under control while still enjoying a comfortable summer, consider the tips list below.

Pay Attention to the Filter

All air conditioners have a filter, and that filter should be cared for per the manufacturers instructions. Depending on the kind of unit you have, you may need to either clean or replace the filter in your air conditioner. Be sure to read the directions that were included with your unit and follow them as closely as possible. You might not think that this kind of regular maintenance is necessary, but it can go a long way toward making your air conditioner as efficient as possible.

Replace an Old Unit

No one gets excited about having to spend money on a new air conditioner, but that just might be money well spent if you are replacing an old and inefficient system. Once your AC unit has aged to the point of 10 or 15 years or more, it is probably time to think about a new unit. There are constantly improvements in technology and efficiency being made, meaning a new unit you purchase today will run far more efficiently than one purchased more than a decade ago. Also, as an air conditioner wears it tends to lose efficiency, so that old unit you are running currently is likely pulling in way more energy than is necessary.

Regular Professional Care

On a periodic basis, such as once per year, have your air conditioner inspected and repaired (if necessary) by a professional. Giving your air conditioner basic maintenance on a yearly basis can help it continue to function properly for many years to come. You will have to spend a little money to have this service completed, but that is much better than needing to buy an entire new air conditioner when yours gives out.

If you live in an area where air conditioning is a necessary part of life, be sure you are doing everything you can to allow your unit to work as efficiently as possible. Not only will you save money when your efficiency improves, but you will also be doing a favor to the environment as well. Fortunately, it doesn’t take anything particularly time consuming or even expensive to keep your air working efficiently, so put the tips above to use and you should be on the right track.