10 Possible Causes of HVAC Airflow Issues

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Do you suspect that your heating and cooling system is struggling to push air out to all of the areas of your home properly? Maybe there are some spots that are warmer or colder than others, or maybe the airflow just feels uneven. There are plenty of potential causes for this kind of issue, and we have listed 10 for your consideration below.

#1 – Blocked Vents

This one is pretty obvious. If you place something like a large piece of furniture over a vent, you are going to restrict the airflow coming out of that vent. Do your best to keep all vents and registers free and clear so they can work properly.

#2 – Old Filter

You need to change the air filter for your HVAC system on a periodic basis. As time goes by, that filter is going to get clogged, and air will not flow as freely as it did when the filter was new. This is a quick and affordable way to improve your system’s performance.

#3 – Check Your Condenser Unit

If you have a condensing unit located outside your home as part of your air conditioning system, make sure that unit is able to get the air it needs to work properly. In other words, keep it free from debris and anything else that might restrict the proper movement of air.

#4 – Thermostat Problems

One of the simplest issues that could be giving you HVAC trouble is a home thermostat that isn’t working correctly. Check this early on to see if it is the root cause. You might just need a new battery!

#5 – Clean Coils

Again, this is another point that refers to the outdoor portion of your air conditioning system. Consider having a professional clean the coils once or twice per year to allow them to work at their best.

#6 – Lacking Refrigerant

Your air conditioner needs plenty of refrigerant to do its job. When the levels run low, so too will the flow of cold air. This is another point that can be addressed with the help of a licensed and trained professional.

#7 – Too Much Power?

Believe it or not, you can have trouble with your HVAC performance if the unit installed in your house is too big for the space. Ideally, you will have a right-sized unit in place, so the system can work an at optimal level.

#8 – Update for Renovations

If you remodeled your house in any significant way, you should also have assessed the needs of your HVAC system at the same time. Meaningful changes to the design of your house could lead to necessary changes with the HVAC, as well.

#9 – Tired Fans

It is the blower fans in your HVAC system that are responsible for moving the area throughout the house. If they aren’t up to the task, you are going to struggle to get the type of air flow you desire.

#10 – Leaky Ducts

Have your ducts inspected to make sure they aren’t wasting valuable airflow in the parts of the home where no one will ever be able to enjoy it. Leaky or clogged ducts are relatively common and can put a damper on the performance of an otherwise healthy system.