Seven HVAC Trends That Will Continue in 2019

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Like everything else, the HVAC market is constantly changing. What was new and exciting just a year or two ago is quickly being replaced with something even better. Those living in and around central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania who have an aging HVAC system are likely to notice a number of benefits by upgrading to a new model. In this post, we’ll work through seven trends in this industry that are likely to carry through the coming year.

#1 – Improved Cooling

If you’ve lived in this area even for a single summer, you know the temperatures can get cranked up pretty high on a July or August afternoon. Improved cooling technology can go a long way toward keeping you and your family cool even during the height of a heat wave.

#2 – Built-in Tech

You already use modern technology to manage many other parts of your life, so it only makes sense to do the same with your HVAC system. The key here is a smart thermostat. This piece of tech can permit you to manage your heating and cooling remotely, even through your smartphone. It’s possible that this addition will help you save money on energy costs, in addition to making life more convenient.

#3 – A Zone Plan

Those with large homes may find that a typical HVAC system doesn’t really meet their needs. For instance, you might want to keep one part of your home warmer than another, allowing you to customize the way your home feels while saving energy in the process.

#4 – Go Duct Free

If you would like to alter the way your HVAC system works, but you don’t want to run new ducts and incur the costs that come along with such a project, you can turn to ductless options for help. This is a compelling option for parts of your house that are notoriously difficult to heat or cool.

#5 – Look to the Earth

Geothermal heating and cooling is an incredible opportunity to use the earth’s own energy to manage the temperature inside your home. While there is a significant upfront investment required in order to use geothermal heating and cooling in your home, the benefits of this option are many. Anyone interested in this option should do further research on the topic, as there is far more to know than can be squeezed into this post.

#6 – Seal It Up

Leaky ducts are a major energy waste in some homes, but that problem can largely be solved through the use of Aeroseal duct sealing. This product will work to seal up leaks and make your system more efficient as a result. As compared to having ductwork replaced, this is an option that is cost- and time-effective.

#7 – Focus on Efficiency

If you are still using an old HVAC unit, the efficiency of modern units might be enough to convince you to make a switch. It’s likely that a new unit will need to use far less energy in order to produce the same – or better – results.