How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Weather Changes

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The whole point of having a quality HVAC system in your home is to manage the various weather conditions that can make their way into Maryland throughout the year. After all, if the high temperature was in the low 70s every day all year long, you wouldn’t have much of a need for heating or cooling. With that said, there are steps you can take to prepare your system for the dramatic weather changes that sometimes occur here in the mid-Atlantic region.

Even It Out

One of the best ways to deal with wild weather changes from an HVAC perspective is to keep your thermostat at an even level as much as possible. The cost of heating and cooling your home is at its highest when you are allowing the indoor temperature to swing almost as much as the outdoor temperature. Don’t make that mistake. Instead, try holding your home’s temperature at a relatively steady level throughout the day and night. The exact temp you decide to hold will depend on your personal preferences, of course, but the concept is simple enough to understand. Keep your HVAC system from working too hard by maintaining a steady indoor temp regardless of what is going on outside.

Get Smart

If you would like to help your HVAC system live up to its potential, you may want to consider a smart thermostat. This type of device has a lot to offer, as you can easily monitor the temperature in your home right from a mobile device, and you will have a host of advanced programming features available to you, as well. Rather than just holding at one temp, you may wish to set comfortable parameters with a high and low limit. Then, your system will only jump into action if the house strays outside of that range in one direction or another. And, if you are into using modern technology to make life easier, you may decide to integrate many other smart home devices along with your thermostat.

Take Care of the Basics

Aside from things like thermostat programming, you should also remember to handle the basics, so your system is ready for both the summer heat and the winter chill. That means having your HVAC system serviced regularly to make sure no mechanical problems are developing which will require costly repairs later. Also, it is worth having the insulation in your home checked and improved, if necessary. Good insulation goes a long way toward regulating the temperature of a home, keeping some of the warm air out in the summer and some of the cold air out in the winter.

There is nothing you can do about the wild temperature swings which sometimes take place near Maryland and Pennsylvania, but you can be prepared. Using your HVAC system effectively will help you enjoy a comfortable living environment without having to spend undue amounts of money on heating and cooling. Good luck and stay comfortable!