HVAC Installation: 10 Tips for Making Yours Smooth & Easy

home hvac installation
Just because the kids are heading back to school doesn’t mean that summer is over. Chances are we still have several hot and steamy months ahead when we’ll be reaching for that AC dial to tune in some cool. Come November, winter will be upon us with a vengeance, bringing frigid temperatures straight through to the unpredictable days of spring and those first sizzling days of summer 2020.

Bottom line? Around central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, we need reliable indoor climate control year-round. So if your HVAC unit needs replacing, don’t delay. Do it now. You’ll be glad you did.

Once you’ve selected the system you want and have arranged for an HVAC installation date, you may be wondering what’s next. For example, how long is this going to take? Although a typical HVAC installation can take anywhere from 8-12 hours, the exact time it takes will depend on your home, the system you have chosen, and the scope of the project. As the job draws near, we’ll make sure you have an estimated timeline so you can plan accordingly.

Because the average life of an HVAC system is 10-14 years, many people have never actually had to replace one. We consider a big part of a job not only to help you choose the right unit for your needs, but to actually walk you through what will happen during the installation.

What Our Crew Does Before the Installation

We pride ourselves on treating your home or office with care and respect. That’s why the first thing our installation crews do is evaluate and assess the areas where they will be working in your home or office. Before any work begins, they will take time to prepare for the installation by:

● Parking on or near the street to not inconvenience you
● Protecting your flooring with protective drop cloths.
● Wearing foot covers to help keep your home as clean as possible
What Can You Do to Prepare for an HVAC Installation?
Here are 10 things you can do (or keep in mind) before our crew arrives at your home or office to help the installation go more smoothly:
● Have your ductwork cleaned if your new HVAC is being connected to existing ductwork. Otherwise, the new unit will be blowing the same old dust into your home, possibly causing the unit to wear out faster than normal.

● Stow garden hoses, toys, lawn decor, and patio furniture to make additional room for the installation team and their equipment.
● Pick up any large sticks, branches or yard debris around the area where the unit will be installed for even more elbow room.
● Moving irreplaceable objects and other valuables to a safe location during any home improvement project is always a good idea.
● Ensure that the crew can get to the old equipment easily by way of attic areas, basements, and crawl spaces.
● Make sure that the electrical service panel, or breaker/fuse box, is easily accessible to the crew.
● Do not worry about closing your air vents, as we typically try to leave the unit running as long as possible as to keep the house at maximum comfort for as long as possible.
● Put your pets in their crates or other secure area to keep them safe during the installation. If your pets are very sensitive to noises or new people, consider taking them to a friend’s house or a kennel during the installation.
● Do not worry about your manuals. We keep all owner’s manuals and create an entire book for you. It includes all of the manuals along with a warranty certificate that we print out once we register all of your equipment!

Installing a new HVAC unit is a big project, but the benefits far exceed the cost or inconvenience. A little forethought will help things go more smoothly and allow you to enjoy your more comfortable, more energy-efficient home in just a matter of days.

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