Commercial Comfort Club

Holtzople’s Comfort Club: Superior Heating & Cooling Services!

Ever notice that heating and cooling systems have a way of breaking down at the worst possible time? A Holtzople planned service agreement helps avoid system failures, and it protects the life of your equipment. As a Holtzople Maintenance Agreement customer, you always receive priority service, at the best possible rate–even during the coldest times and hottest seasons. Holtzople is proud to offer the following benefits with a planned maintenance agreement for your heating and air conditioning system:

  • 24-hour service with a live person answering the phone
  • Priority service
  • Service for most makes and models, including geothermal
  • Up-front pricing for all services
  • NATE-certified and factory-trained technicians
  • Drug-screened and uniformed professionals
  • Readings with calibrated digital gauges
  • Pre-season scheduling
  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • Furnace Repair
  • Geothermal Repair
  • Cooling & Heating Maintenance
  • High-Efficiency System Installation

Precision Tune-Up

This is a one time inspection for the technician to test operation of the equipment. None of the Comfort Club benefits are included with this inspection.

System Enhancements Monthly Yearly
High Efficiency Air Cleaners $7 $84
Aprilaire Spaceguard Filters $12 $144
Standard Humidifiers $4 $48
Recirculating Humidifier $5 $60
Steam Humidifiers $12 $144
Dehumidifiers $3 $36
ERV (replacement filters not included) $8 $96
Aprilaire Merv 13 Filters $9 $108
For Oil Fired Systems Add $8 Add $96
  • Maintain Manufacturer Warranty Status
    Manufacturers can void warranty claims if the system is not properly maintained.
  • Protect Your Family’s Health
    Early detection of Indoor Air-quality (IAQ) Issues.
  • Operate Equipment Safely
    Inspecting the safety components in a system can prevent accidents.
  • Lower Your Energy Costs
    Keep your equipment running as efficiently as possible, reducing energy bills.
  • Less Frequent Emergency Repairs
    We can pinpoint and correct developing problems before equipment fails.
  • Lower Life-cycle Costs
    Over the life of your equipment, experience lower total operating and maintenance costs with fewer interruptions.
  • Extend the Life of Your Equipment
    Equipment lasts longer with preventive maintenance.
  • Maximized Home Comfort
    Our Comfort Assurance Policy is a process that assures your HVAC questions and solutions are reviewed.
  • Testing and calibration of the system controls
  • We will test the air temperature and delta T
  • Multiple humidity tests
  • Replace and check standard 1” air filters (“GOOD” Tier additional charge)
  • Test the indoor blower amperage and capacitor readings.
  • Test the cleanliness of the blower wheel and evaporator coils
  • Test emergency heat operation and safeties
  • Test system airflow by static pressure and adjust as necessary
  • Clean condensate lines and inspect drainage components for issues
  • Thorough inspections of a heat exchanger for safety
  • Perform an electronic refrigerant leak search
  • Inspect the outdoor coil for cleanliness and test temperature exchange
  • Test the refrigerant operating pressures using superheat and subcooling
  • Test the outdoor fan amperage and capacitor readings
  • Test the compressor amperage and the capacitor readings
  • Inspect the control components on the air conditioning unit
  • Tighten and secure all electrical connections related to the system
  • Inspect system enhancements for normal operation
  • Test igniters and flame sensors
  • Test gas related safeties operation
  • Test inducer and inspect system exhaust
  • Test the gas pressure for safety and efficiency
  • Plus more!
  • Inflation Protection
    With automatic monthly drafts, there is no price increase for up to 5 years.
  • No Worries!
    We’ll contact you! As a PMA member, we make you our top priority. We’ll contact you to schedule your visit, so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Automatic Renewals
    You won’t have to worry about signing a new agreement each year, because it automatically renews.

Maintenance Agreement

This agreement includes 2 visits per year for normal maintenance. There is a 20% discount off of repairs and diagnostics for the system that is covered under the agreement. There is also a 10% discount off of all the enhancements that we offer. Overtime rates are also eliminated for systems that are covered by this tier. The agreement also makes the Comfort Club member priority over all non-maintenance clients

Additional Pricing Monthly Yearly
Standard Rooftop Access Charge (Per Visit) $5 $60
Difficult Rooftop Access Charge (Per Visit) $9 $108
Scissor Lift for Maintenance (Up to 3 Pieces) $33 $396
Scissor Lift for Maintenance (More Than 3 Pieces of Equipment) $44 $528
Standard or Pleated Air Filters (Each) $2 $24
Blower Belts (Each Belt Cooling PM ONLY) $3 $36
Material Handling Charge (Each Piece of Equipment) $1 $12

NOTE: All prices are subject to change. Holtzople reserves the right to decline maintenance for any system for any reason. We will not allow a non-operational system to be covered under these agreements. All discounts and benefits will not apply to the system until in good operating condition.