Donn Wishka

We were scheduled for the second call of the day with a service window of between 9:00-11:00 AM.  At 9:35am Kevin called to say that he was en route and he arrived at 9:45.  Upon arrival, Kevin immediately put on shoe covers to protect our floors and faithfully shucked and donned them appropriately as he went about his business during his visit.  He spent the next 10-15 minutes locating the units in the system, explaining what the inspection entailed, and getting a clear idea of what our humidifier needs were for the estimate.  For the next hour and a half, Kevin diligently inspected the components of both systems.  When this was completed, he went over all of the inspection points on each unit and provided an estimate for the installation of the whole house humidifier (which he recommended be installed at the beginning of the next heating season).  When finished, Kevin provided a form for signing up for a preventive maintenance agreement, going over the particulars without any coercive “hard sell” – which I appreciated.  I was favorably impressed with the level of service and the professionalism provided by Kevin.  While I am still on the fence on the preventive maintenance agreement I will likely have Holtzople’s install our whole house humidifier in the fall and I would not hesitate to call them should my system require service.

Donn WishkaMiddletown, MD