Top 7 Trends in HVAC to Watch For in 2022

home geothermal system

It may be cold outside, but here are some hot trends in the heating and cooling industry to keep you warm!

1. Increasing Use of Digital Zoning

Systems that use programmable thermostats in different zones throughout your home or building are gaining traction. It’s a trend that is expected to continue throughout 2022. This customizable approach to your heating and cooling needs saves money on energy bills by setting temperatures in lesser used spaces a few degrees up or down, according to the season or even the time of day. If you spend all your time during the day in your home office and kitchen, for example, you can set those zones to your peak comfort level while the other rooms are set differently. You can then program the other zones to come on later, when you’re looking to relax in the living room or bedroom. Digital zoning can be installed in any home that has wireless internet access and forced air.

2. Geothermal Solutions

Geothermal systems have been gaining popularity over the past few years, and that trend is expected to continue. Geothermal systems harness the power of the Earth’s heat energy for effective, sustainable HVAC solutions. The systems are estimated to be 65% more efficient than other traditional HVAC systems.

Geothermal solutions are more affordable to operate, quieter than most HVAC systems, and more eco-friendly than traditional heating and cooling systems.

3. 3D Printed Air Conditioners

Technology will meet HVAC in a most unexpected way: 3D printed air conditioners. The most recent breakthrough in this field is a 3D porous block, which absorbs humidity and cools the air through evaporation. 3D printed materials tend to be more reliable and durable than traditional materials, meaning that these systems will require less maintenance and last longer. While it was first created in 2015, this technology isn’t widely available yet, but it’s a developing trend to look out for in 2022.

4. Increasingly User-Friendly Controls

While the concept of wi-fi connected thermostats is appealing, many homeowners dislike the complex interface frequently used on these devices. Smart thermostats will continue to deliver energy efficient results, but the devices used to control them will streamline the user experience.

One example is the Nest thermostat, which learns your behaviors and adjusts itself accordingly. It can turn on the air conditioning just before you come home, for example, or turn the furnace down a degree or two at bedtime on its own, once it learns your habits. These devices can also be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and alert you of potential dangers like CO leaks or furnace malfunctions. Products like Google Nest also keep track of your history and energy usage, so you can make adjustments to save even more money on your heating and cooling bills.

5. Smart Thermostats Will Continue to Gain Popularity

Smart, programmable thermostats have become more popular now that homeowners understand exactly how much they can save on energy bills every month. These devices connect to WiFi to allow you to connect with them with your tablet, smart device, or computer. Any home with a WiFi connection can benefit from smart thermostats.

6. HVAC Systems are Getting Smarter, Too

The Internet of Things has been useful in the HVAC industry, allowing equipment monitoring and data collection. These technologies will advance to the point where your systems can tell you when they aren’t working properly, or remind you when they need routine preventive maintenance. Through the use of smart technology, your HVAC systems will use sensors to control and monitor your humidity and temperature levels.

Your technicians will be able to access this data, giving them an idea of what needs to be done to service your HVAC systems.

7. Air Scrubbers, Air Cleaners, and Whole House Humidifiers

Stopping viruses and other airborne contaminants will remain a top priority throughout 2022. These systems used to be “nice to have,” but are now necessities in the modern home. Whole house humidifiers can reduce the risk of illness, maintain proper humidity to save your wooden furniture and floors, and help those with respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD breathe easier.

Holtzople is Ready

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