The Comfort Club: Exclusive & Affordable HVAC Priority Services

We understand that nothing is more frustrating than HVAC systems that fail when you need them most. We also know that when systems fail, they never do it during regular business hours. We created the Comfort Club to end the frustration in two ways: to perform routine HVAC preventive maintenance that keeps your systems running optimally, and to provide immediate, priority repairs if your system should have an issue.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Being a member of Holtzople’s Comfort Club has perks, including valuable savings on parts and repairs and regular scheduled preventive maintenance visits included in every package. Some of these benefits include:

HVAC Systems Inspections

There’s nothing more frustrating than switching on your heating or air conditioning to be greeted with a blast of lukewarm air, or, even worse, nothing at all. Our technicians will come to your home to inspect your systems to make sure they are working, before you need them.

As a Comfort Club member, our inspections services include the little tweaks your systems need to operate at peak efficiency, including adjustments, lubrications, and cleaning. 

Ask our experienced technicians anything while they’re there; they can help you understand your system’s operating needs to keep it running smoothly.

Savings, Savings, and More Savings

HVAC preventive maintenance agreements with Hotzople mean more money in your wallet. When you have routine inspections, our techs can spot little issues and address them before they turn into a major problem. If repairs are needed, Comfort Club members can enjoy up to 20% discounts on services, including discounts on parts and accessories, with some repairs being provided free of charge in our top tier agreements.

As a member of Holtzople’s Comfort Club, you get a price lock guarantee that will prevent an increase for five years, no matter what.

Having your HVAC systems tuned up and running at peak efficiency also means huge savings in operating costs, fuel fills, and energy bills.

Priority Services When They’re Needed

Comfort Club members can choose plans that avoid the dreaded “emergency service” price increases for repairs that happen outside of normal business hours. Instead, your maintenance agreement with Hotzople gives you the same discounts and servicing prices, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s true peace of mind when you’re freezing at 2am in the morning!

In fact, being a Comfort Club member means your service call is a priority; no more waiting two to three days for a service call. Your repairs take precedence over other service calls when you have a Comfort Club maintenance agreement.

Holtzople’s Comfort Club: Three Tiers of Protection to Fit Any Budget

When we created the Comfort Club, we recognized that no two customers are alike, and that no two HVAC systems are the same. Some of our members, such as those with newer systems, may only need a basic agreement while others may need more comprehensive coverage. We feature three tiers of coverage, designed to fit any budget or need. We include 24/7 priority HVAC repair services in each agreement, plus discounts for repairs and services and no additional HVAC preventive maintenance costs for any plan you choose.

Good Tier

Our basic tier, at only $20 per month, includes 2 visits per year for normal preventive maintenance. There is a 10% discount off of repairs and diagnostics for the system that’s covered under the agreement. 

Better Tier

Our middle tier maintenance agreement includes 2 visits per year for normal preventive maintenance. There is a 20% discount off of repairs and diagnostics, with an additional 10% off of all the enhancements that we offer, such as upgrades to smart technologies and whole house humidifiers. Overtime rates are also eliminated for systems that are covered by this tier, and this membership makes services a priority over non-maintenance agreement and Good Tier customers. At only $27.50 per month, this agreement provides more comprehensive services for only a few dollars more per month than Good Tier packages.

Best Tier

Like the Good and Best Tier maintenance agreements, the Best Tier package includes two free scheduled preventive maintenance visits per year. This agreement provides heavily discounted pricing of 85% off for covered parts and repairs. For parts not specifically covered under the Best Tier agreement, customers will still enjoy a discount of 20% off. In addition, customers covered under this tier will receive an annual $200 credit to be applied towards repairs and labor costs.

The Comfort Club Best Tier agreement eliminates diagnostic costs and provides the highest priority for repair and service calls for only $37 per month.

Join the Comfort Club Now

It’s already getting colder, but it’s not too late to enjoy the benefits of our Comfort Club. Contact us now and get the peace of mind that will keep you warm and cozy all winter long.