Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

hvac technician working on air conditioner

It’s an important relationship.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement, repair, or seasonal service, selecting the right HVAC contractor is critical to the upkeep of your property. You need the job done professionally, on time, and with high-quality craftsmanship. Accidentally selecting the wrong one? Well, let Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning help you to avoid––or correct that––with our tips to picking the right company to deliver the results you want for your home or business

Do Your Homework

Before you hire someone or sign on the dotted line of a service contract, ask about their insurance and licensing. A license means they are authorized to do HVAC work in your area. The insurance coverage means you will not be held liable as a homeowner or business operator for damage to your property due to a service call mishap. Some feel asking for these items is overstepping or shows a lack of trust from the beginning. Yet no insurance or licensure can leave you responsible for issues you did not cause. 

Know Your HVAC Specs 

Before you call to inquire about service, be ready with the following information:

  • Heating and air equipment brand name
  • Model number
  • Age of unit
  • Last service date
  • Number of service or maintenance appointments
  • Any issues, such as rooms that are too hot or too cold 

All of this data helps your technician determine more about your unit. Knowing its current capabilities assists you in making an informed replacement decision when the time comes. 

References and Referrals are a Must

You ask trusted sources about their favorite place to get tacos and which dentist cleans their teeth. Your climate control contractor should be no different. Ask your neighbors, local friends, check online reviews, and do a web search for “Best HVAC contractor near me.” When taking a closer look at a company’s history and reputation, ask those who have worked with them:

  • Were they prompt?
  • Were they professional and informative?
  • Was pricing clear and shared beforehand, or were there surprises at the end of the appointment? 
  • Did they walk you through your new system or show you how to get the most comfort out of the current one? 
  • Any thoughts on the overall experience?

These can be a great starting point to inquire about every service provider you’re considering. 

Specials and Rebates

Who doesn’t love a bargain? 

It’s no secret: new systems are costly. Heating and cooling companies understand that it is one of the most significant investments a homeowner or business owner makes. Some utility companies offer rebates, as do energy-saving ENERGY STAR® systems from time to time. Some brands provide incentives to switch out your inefficient system with one that meets today’s standards. A great contractor will always take the time to calculate and share savings opportunities with you and may have financing options for those who qualify. 

Proposals and Estimates

Get all estimates on work and proposals for extensive services in writing. This gives you time to review the details and contract terms. If you do not agree or have questions, ask immediately. If unsatisfied with the answers or an adjusted price and service document is not provided, you may want to pause and seek another service provider. 

Customer service is always our number one priority at Holtzople. From emergency and planned services to preventative maintenance and our Comfort Club, you can trust our technicians to provide you with the best experience for your residential or commercial HVAC needs. Contact us today!