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One day, it’s 65 degrees and sunny. The next day, it’s snowing and below freezing. Welcome to springtime in Maryland! One thing is certain, though; it will get unbearably hot before you know it. It’s time to look at your air conditioning system to make sure it’s ready for the unpredictability of spring and the […]

Low humidity can turn a simple touch into a painful lesson on static electricity. It can dry out your skin, affect your sinuses, and have you reaching for the thermostat because you feel cold. Humidity levels can fluctuate wildly. The relative humidity in the winter is between 30 and 40 percent. Too much humidity can […]

You’ve been waiting for this day all winter long. You’ve got the day off and a game on TV, a bowl of popcorn in your lap, and a blanket (or pet) waiting for you on your couch. At first you don’t notice it, but soon it becomes an unavoidable fact. Your HVAC system isn’t working, […]

It may be cold outside, but here are some hot trends in the heating and cooling industry to keep you warm! 1. Increasing Use of Digital Zoning Systems that use programmable thermostats in different zones throughout your home or building are gaining traction. It’s a trend that is expected to continue throughout 2022. This customizable […]

We understand that nothing is more frustrating than HVAC systems that fail when you need them most. We also know that when systems fail, they never do it during regular business hours. We created the Comfort Club to end the frustration in two ways: to perform routine HVAC preventive maintenance that keeps your systems running […]

Cold weather is on its way, and it’s nearly time to turn on your furnace to beat winter’s chill. Are your heating systems ready for an arctic blast? Here are some furnace maintenance tips for you to help get your system ready to run smoothly and safely all winter long. 1. Clean Your Outdoor HVAC […]

We take the little things for granted, like microwave ovens, sturdy roofs over our heads, and comfortable indoor temperatures. It’s all great…until it isn’t. Showers clog, roofs leak, and sometimes our HVAC systems stop working. Repairs on these systems can be costly, and wait times for qualified technicians to look at them can be days…far […]

Fall is right around the corner, and many are glad to see the end of sweltering summer days and embrace cooler weather. As the temps start to plummet, we’ll be spending more time inside behind closed doors and sealed windows. Home is a safe, warm space where we can relax…isn’t it? Per the EPA, it […]

At Holtzople, we speak fluent HVAC; we also understand that many people looking to upgrade their HVAC systems don’t! We’ve created this guide to HVAC terminology and energy efficiency ratings that will help you understand your options and choose the best one for your residential or commercial needs. Ready? Let’s go! Sizing Your HVAC System […]

It’s too complicated. It’s too costly. It’s going to take over the world in a robot uprising. Well, maybe not that last one, but the first two statements are things we hear a lot regarding programmable thermostats. Is it really too complicated and costly to make the switch to a Nest thermostat? The answer will […]